Ashwin's web page.

This is Ashwin's web page.


My name is Ashwin* Rodrigues. I am a New York-based writer. *pronounced USH-win. (USH like "hush")

I'm interested in (and have written about) comedy, culture, food, fitness, health, music, and technology, among other things.

My work has been cited in places including The Arizona State Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, Critical Sociology, and The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review.

I've also appeared on podcasts based in exotic places like England (10K Posts) and Canada (CBCNews Front Burner).

here are some links to my work

BBC | Fast Company | Fortune | Lifehacker | GQ

McSweeney's | Medium | MEL Magazine | Men's Health

Morning Brew | The Outline | Runner's World | Vice | Vulture

If you're scared to click the button, my email is [email protected].

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